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Covid Hair Info

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covid hair bovane hairstylist flyer 2022 (1000 × 1123 px).png
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Had Covid? Suddenly losing lots of hair? You have Covid Hair!

It may take some time to recover from the coronavirus, but once you feel like you’re better, there may be a new obstacle to overcome. About two months later, you could see a significant amount of hair loss. You could be finding a large amount of your hair in the shower drain, on the shower walls and in your hair brush.

Bovane suffered major hair loss about two months after the onset of Covid. His hair was coming out in clumps daily. After realizing this was hair breakage, he knew exactly what to do to stop it, and he was able to reduce his Covid hair loss by 70% within two weeks. We collected the hair after each hair washing and weighed it to see the progress. The results were amazing! But you must move fast and immediately start the process, or you could lose up to 30% or more of your hair within less than a month and a half.

Prevention & Treatment

We can help by reducing your Covid hair loss from 30-70%.

Bovane experienced this type of hair loss and reduced it by 70%. 

Don't wait another minute! Call or text us right away!

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