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Is Yelp really being honest and fair to businesses? Not really.

Like most small business owners, Bovane Hairstylist works very hard to satisfy his clients.  These gracious and amazing clients have gone out of their way to show how happy they've been by giving him and his team great reviews. 


The issue is that Yelp hides most of our reviews.  As of July 31, 2021, we have a total of about 93 5-Star reviews at Yelp.  Unfortunately, Yelp is only showing ("recommending") 19 of them and are hiding ("not recommending") over 74 of them.  Yelp says they are "not recommended reviews" but we know that's not the truth. 


A few years ago, we received a call from Yelp soliciting us to advertise with them.  At that time, we had 29 5-Star reviews showing.  We didn't accept their solicitation to advertise, and suddenly, within a few days of the call, our reviews that showed went down to 12.  And over the last 3 years, 5-Star reviews keep coming in from our happy clients.  But unfortunately, almost each time we get them, Yelp considers them "not recommended" and hides them from the main page of our reviews.  So we are still only at 15 reviews.


What we don't understand is why Yelp would do this as it seems to be a way to control the small businessmen and businesswomen who's business can be made or broken by Yelp.  When we speak to Yelp about this issue, they claim it's their computer's algorithm that determines which review shows and which is hidden. We don't think so, and so many other small local businesses we've spoken to have similar stories. 


To clear up Yelp's misleading website, we will show you ALL of our reviews we've gotten over the years right here.  Enjoy!

SHOWN Yelp Reviews

HIDDEN Yelp Reviews

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